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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Television vs. Parents

Have you ever heard someone say “I blame television”? It is usually said after a child does something wrong. People try to excuse it away because of the things that the child saw it on T.V. On T.V. kids drink, party, have sex, do drugs, steal and do other horrible things so of course they think it is okay to do in real life.

Can we really blame T.V. though? What about the parents who let their children watch these shows? To me that is where most of the blame should be found. Parents need to talk to their children about the tough stuff they will face in life. Tell children to think about their actions and what will result from them. Parents should not want to be their child’s “friend” over being their child’s PARENT! In life parents are there to raise, teach and take care off their young.

Then again T.V has really gone down. The first cuss word to appear in a movie was Gone With the Wind (1939) people were shocked! Now today it is rare to find a T.V show that does not cuss at least a dozen times an episode. Look back at the shows like I Love Lucy. Ricky and Lucy were married in the show and they did not even share a bed! In today’s television you see people jumping in bed together whether they are married or not or a teenager or an adult.

So who is to blame? I blame both. T.V should be cleaned up. Is it really necessary to cuss twenty times in a show to draw in viewers? Why does sex sell? Are our morals so low that we are not disturbed to watch shows like that with our family? Parents put up children blocks so that shows like that can not come into your house. Then you won’t have to put the blame on T.V and maybe prevent some things from happening. However that won’t fix everything. Talk to your children. Tell them you are there for them and that they can come to you. Teach them about drugs, sex and other things that are harmful to them at a young age.

What can we do to help what our children watch? Go to and scroll down to the part about language and sexual content. Read and see what will be in the movie and decide if it is appropriate or not. Watch the shows your children talk about. See what it is about and if it is okay for them to watch.

I suppose it is easy for me to say this because I am not a parent. However I do work with kids and I worry about them. When they ask me if I saw a movie or something that I know is inappropriate I tell them that I do not watch stuff like that. For as long as I can remember all I have ever really wanted to be is a wife and mother. So I pay attention to what my parents do and other parents I know to prepare myself.

I love my friends because we will go to the movies and if something bad comes up we will look at the exit sign or make faces at each other while we wait for it to pass. If I am watching a movie with a guy friend and an immodest woman comes across the screen I will cover their eyes with my hand (and they do the same for me if an immodest man comes on the screen) I remember going to see the Notebook with my brother and a bunch of friends when I was younger. He was on one end of the friend and I was on the other and then when an inappropriate scene came on he whispered down the row to cover my eyes. Just because it is on does not mean we have to watch it.

So tell me what you think. Can we push the blame on television when parents are allowing their kids to watch it? Can we blame television when parents do not talk to their kids about life? Can we blame television because most of it is garbage that is unfit to watch?

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