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Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Love is such a small little word but with a huge meaning.

Today I feel this word is way over used. People say things like “I love that movie” “I love chips” or my own favorite “I love that song” Do we really love all these things? We might like/enjoy them a lot but is it love? Do you love chips as much as you love a friend or family member? This is not really the point of the blog just something to think about.

My point is do we really know what love is, especially younger people? I hear kids tell their boyfriend or girlfriend that they love them all the time but what does that mean to them? Some high school sweet hearts actually do work out but I know from my own view point that I did not know what love was when I was that age (and I am not sure if I know what it is now) I do know that I had “puppy love” and I really do believe I did “love” a few of my boyfriend in the past but it was not a true love it was a friend love. What I mean by that is that I cared deeply for that person and we brought each other happiness. Okay so I am not sure that I got the point I was trying to get across.

The thing is I think there are many types of love.

Family love – is the love you share between your family
Friend love – the love between friend, what holds you together and draws you to each other because unlike family you actually get to choose these people.
Love – definition varies by each person.

So I don’t really know if I know what love is anymore. After growing up and realizing that what I thought it was in high schools is probably no where near accurate enough. However I am going to take a stab at defining it for myself. To me love is when you realize that yes you can live without this person but you don’t want to. It is being mature enough to know that filling your own needs is not enough but that you have to meet the other persons needs too. It is when life is no longer a him and I but it is now an us. It is also knowing that you can make it through anything as long as that certain someone is there to help you through it.

Love is also more then words. It is action. You can’t just say you love someone and never show kindness to that person. If you love a friend and they need a ride somewhere, or help with school or something are you going to help them? If a loved one is depressed will you comfort them? I read somewhere some advice for single women that I thought was great “if he loves you, you will know it. If he doesn’t you will be confused.” That is so true. If he does love you he will tell you and show you through your actions. If he does not love you, you might be trying to read into something that is not there and therefore be confused. Don’t waste your time on someone who doesn’t love you because there is someone out there who will be crazy about you.

My last thoughts on love are that when you are in love you should tell that person. When I get off of the phone with a friend or family member I tell them I love them before I go. You never know what day will be your last so you should always tell the people you love that you do love them.

Live simply. Love generously. Care deeply. Speak kindly.

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