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Tuesday, February 7, 2012


So I am not much of a journaler (think I might have made up that word) so I am going to try and post more and make this more of my journal. Just a way to work the thoughts in my head through words.

I really thought by now I would have a job and know more then about 5 people. I know some more then that, but not really "know" no one is hiring and on base there is an opening, but I need to scan in a document to upload to apply and since we don't have a scanner I am not sure how soon that will get done. I think they hire on base pretty often so if I miss out on this one, hopefully there will be another one around the corner.

Adjusting to married life came pretty naturally I believe. Of course we don't always agree, but we tend to work things out quickly. Adjusting to military life is a bit harder. The speed limit on base is really slow, you cant talk on your phone while driving (which if I get lost on base and need to call Jason it is really annoying) I just worry that something is going to happen and I will get in trouble. Not like I am a trouble maker or have had any trouble with the law or anything it just feels like you are under a microscope on base. I am sure it is all in my head and will fade with time. I had to go on base a lot recently driving Jason around while he healed from his minor accident. So that helped too. I am less stressed having him on base with me, rather then wondering around on my own.

Well that is enough rambling from me today.

I need to work out and clean. I am really proud that so far I am sticking to this mon-fri work out I found and drinking lemon water which apparently is good for your skin, teeth and weight. I can see the teeth improvement already, but I am still waiting on the rest.

Ok one last ramble. I am really starting to enjoy this cooking thing. :D I never really had too cook because my mom enjoyed cooking and even my brother enjoyed cooking and would cook when she wasnt. So when we first got married we were living on chili, taco soup and fried chicken because that was all I really knew how to cook. Well with the help of some cookbooks I got when I got married and some recipes I found on pinterest I am starting to cook a more variety of foods and actually pulled off sesame chicken last night :D

This time I am really done, hope everyone has a wonderful week :D

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