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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Very Blessed and Very Thankfull

So today I get a call a little after 9 from my husband telling me he was on his way to the ER. At work today while washing an aircraft his mask got ripped off and the pressure of the water damaged his eye.

The funny thing is, Jason was more worried about me driving to the hospital upset to meet him then he was about himself.

Luckily the doctor believes the damage is not serious and will heal up normal. The bad news is it takes about a week to heal and it is very painful. So I have Jason drugged up in bed.

I am really thankful for his work place, the military had the person who drove him there stay with us and when he had to leave they sent a replacement until Jason was sent home. I try to be optamistic, but it was very nice just having someone there in case I needed help putting him in the car or something.

He is in a lot of pain and the pain meds only help so much, so prayers are appreaciated. I am really thankful for everyone who knew about the accident that has called and checked in on him.

To end on a lighter note, funny momment of the day. The light hurts Jason really bad right now and our blinds only block so much light. I didnt have any push pins to hang up a sheet with so I duct taped it up. Well that didn't hold. While I was trying to staple it back up (which didnt work at all) Jason woke up and told me to get some foil out of the kitchen and black out the windows so that is what I did. I guess it is not that funny, but it made me chuckle.

And here is my helpful hint of the day. When someone is on medicine especially some pretty strong ones it is a good idea to keep a notebook to write down what time you give medicines. My day has been a hodgpodge of fixing this, giving that, doing this and texting/calling a lot of people for updates so it is hard to remember times. With my notebook I can make sure that I am not giving him to many pain meds and that he is getting his eye drops when he is suppose to.

Thanks everyone for all your thoughts and prayers.

Love, The Whites'

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