The ever changing blog…. So I started this blog for my photography and then decided I actually wanted to talk about things in life when I posted. I now have a facebook page for my photography please join if you haven’t already and now my blog will be for more of just me. So if you were here just for the picture thanks for following me and please stick around for the fun to come.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I am trying really hard to post more often, because I am not good of writting stuff down and typing is easier. I always wanted to keep journals. In fact I have tons around the house that have about 5 or so pages filled. Anywho who....what is new?

Umm well I have been working really hard. It took me a few days to get use to going to bed at 3 in the morning, then sleeping past 8. It always seemed that no matter how late I stayed up I could not sleep past 8. Now I am sleeping till 11 :) at least when no one calls the house early in the morning.

I do a lot of heavy lifting so the first 2 weeks of work I was always sore, I finaly got use to it, but now I seem sore all the time agian. The sad thing is, my job dutties got changed a bit so I am not doing as much heavy lifting as I use to. Last night was crazy and we were short handed by 2 people and then half way through another person left so we were down 3 people.

Hopefully tonight will be better, and at least I have a 4 day weeekend to look forward to :D

Saturday I am going to finish up some wedding stuff. Monday I have two friends coming over for movies, and we are probably going to go bowling with another friend so good times :D

Other then that life is pretty much same old same old. I get pretty frustrated at times, but I try to remember that others have it harder then me. Not to say anyones pain should be belittled just that it can always be worse (hope I didnt jinx myself) the thing is, in the grand scheme of things this world will pass in a blink of an eye.

Oh and one more thing that is very random. I saw a poster the other day that said "What would happen if pinochio said my nose is going to grow?" because really if he said it would and it does he is telling truth, and if he says it will and it doesnt it is a lie.....I personally think his head would explode.

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