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Saturday, November 5, 2011

My Found Love

Sooo my wedding is in 6 days :D

I dont know why, but I thought of this blog today and really wanted to do a post. I am not very organized too keep up with it, but since I am horrible with journals, I really like having this site to put my thoughts up every once in a whie.

So here is a little about what is going on with me :D

My fiance is in the air force and I am moving to Arkansa. I have never left Bama before besides vacation. I know that I will more then likely get home sick eventually (probably sooner then later) but I am so excited!

I am ready to be with my man for the rest of my life. He loves God, his family, animals, makes me laugh, has dark hair and blue eyes, sings to me, takes naps after work just to talk to me when I am driving home late from work, knows when I am having a bad day just by the sound of my voice, can make me smile when all I want to do is cry. He is everything I have been looking for.

Well I have a lot to do today with the wedding this Friday 11-11-11 <3

Hopefully I will be posting more with wedding pictures and post about our home!

Thanks readers for caring :D


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