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Thursday, June 17, 2010


So I have been meaning to write a new blog for a while but alas time has not been kind to me. My day consist of waking up and studying about an hour, go to school for a few hours, come home and study a few more hours, then read in the Bible for an hour and go to bed. So here is a real quick spill on a topic someone chose for me on respect.

Respect should it be earned or freely given? I was watching Glenn Beck the other day and he quoted some man who I can’t recall at the time that said “Respect should not be earned and is where we need to start.”

I completely agree. Who do you respect? Your elders? Teachers? Parents? Boss? We should respect everyone. We are all humans and we should seek the good in each other instead of just assuming the worse. Yes sadly there are bad people out there but all of humanity is not bad.

I consider myself too trusting at times but really if someone has not given me a reason not to trust them then why should I have trouble trusting them? Why do they have to earn trust and respect?

Now these are some serious things in life trust and respect. They should be held high in importance. When someone does something that they know is wrong or lies to me then yes they will loose respect and trust in my eyes and it will take a lot of work to gain it back. However I choose to respect and trust and give people the benefit of a doubt until they show me they need to be treated otherwise.

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