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Sunday, May 16, 2010


What happened to the world where if girls became pregnant before marriage they were sent to a special school?
What happened to the world where cussing and sex was not all over movies and TV shows?
What happened to the world were killing an unborn child was not an option?

This blog is going to be directed toward purity. I am not saying that years ago people did not sleep with each other before marriage but it was something that was hidden and only a small group of people actually did that sort of thing.

What does sex before marriage give us? Well for women it is more dangerous for getting disease (men can get them too women are just at a higher risk) Women end up being unmarried mothers. And for what? One night of pleasure?

Today we have several teens in high school that are mothers. These children are “babies” themselves they have no business raising a baby. As a friend of mine would call them they are “baby women”.

Parents I know it may be awkward to talk to your children but it is important to tell them that sex should be saved for marriage. They may think they are the only ones out there not doing it but in reality there are still a few of us who believe in abstinence. Plus, really who wants to be like everyone else? I didn't want to be an unwed mother, I did not want to get some kind of disease by sleeping around, I did not want to go to a party and find pictures of myself online doing who knows what. Just because everyone else may be doing something does not make it right. I wanted to be me, a girl who does not need to follow the crowd to “feel accepted” but who loves life exactly the way I live it.

To the world I am the crazy girl who has strict guidelines when dating (I will share them at the end) I am the girl who does not cuss, the girl who is old enough to drink but wont touch the junk and the girl who when I see a shirtless guy on the side of the road I will look away or yell “PUT A SHIRT ON!” Something my mother does as well.

To me though, most of the world, is a crazy world where people make a sport out of sleeping with each other, who thinks the only form of communication is foul, who thinks clothes are something that is basically not needed and thinks a good time is getting drunk and not remembering what you did the night before.

Stand for what is right even if you have to stand alone! Lets get back to the world where people actually care about themselves and others around them. Because if someone loves you they wont mind waiting till marriage to be with you.

Brittni's strict guidelines. If you don't respect yourself why should any guy you date? When I am in a relationship I will not allow the guy to put his hands all over my body. He can put his hands on my hip and shoulders. His hands will remain on the outside of my clothing and when we kiss I have my arm in front of my body.

This blog turned out to be a little longer then I planned (but trust me there is plenty more I could say about the topic) I do hope you enjoyed my blog and please comment or send me an email if you have any questions or comments.


  1. In case I don't say it often enough, I am very proud of the woman you have become! Also, I love, love, love the close up picture of the daisy!

  2. Your photos are beautiful and your words inspiring!

  3. True Yossarian, I know I am not perfect which is why I look to the Lord.

  4. The first step to recovery is admiting you have a problem! Well done!
    What is perfection?

  5. I don't believe I have a problem. I am sorry if my post came across as "OH look at me I am so great!"

    Is there something wrong with seeing something that is wrong with the world and trying to make a difference by sharing thoughts and advice?

    One of the best definitions I have heard about a Christian is "Being a Christian is not saying I am better then anyone, it is saying Lord save me, for I can not save myself."

    And to answer your question, perfection is without flaw.