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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Patience and Positive

So lately I have been struggling with both of these issues. It seems that everything I want is a million miles away! I keep trying to find a program I want to get into for nursing and every time I think I have it figured out something happens. I am afraid to say that I think I finally have a plan because when that happens something tends to go wrong. So I am stuck in that thinking of I want it now and I want it the way I want it. :/

I didn’t even realize how negative I was being until a friend was telling me about a negative friend of theirs and how they wish that person would stop complaining. I did a quick recap of my own conversations with that person and realized that when he asked how I was I was either “tired” “bored” “sick of studying” “annoyed” and so on. I didn’t ask if he was talking about myself because I believe he is the kind of guy that would tell you things in a way to let you think and solve it for yourself which is great.

Later I got an email from another friend of mine that was truly touching. It was pictures of children and under each picture had a caption like.
- I know I shut my eyes tight when the sun comes up. Thank you, Lord, for I can see. Tare are many who are blind.
- I know I complain when there is construction noise and what not. Thank you, Lord, for I can hear. There are many who are deaf.
- I know I want to lie in bed all day and I am annoyed that I have to get up. Thank you,Lord, for I am able. There are some who are bed ridden.

I am not saying that it is not okay to be sad or even complain. In fact I think it is good to complain because it is not healthy to keep all of that bottled up. Just remember that in life there is always a rainbow after the rain.

The Lord has always looked out for me. When my plans fail or something happens it usually works out for the best in the end. So I am going to try and be more positive and remember that my day is only as good as I make it. The Lord has blessed me with so much and I am thankful for my family, my friends, my health and the health of my loved ones, for the chance to further my education in college (even though I don’t like going to class from 8 – 4 Mon-Fri)

This is the day the LORD has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it. Psalms 118:24

The journey I have chosen will be difficult and time consuming and you know what? Life is not just about the end it is about the journey you take to reach that end. So I have got on my comfy shoes and I am ready to see what I will come across next :)

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