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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Update at the home front:

I finally found a job yay :D Well I am a temp, but after about 3 weeks they will let me know if they want to keep me on. I started as a temp to get the store ready and then they extended it, so hopefully they will again. I am pretty excited and it is really good to be able to get out of the apartment and make some friends :D

It was a lot of hard work getting the store ready to open. We worked 11hr days for a whole week. I know it is still going to be hard work, but now that its not 11hr days everyday I am pretty excited.

Shelly is still Shelly, although she is starting to be a little stubborn at time so I call her my teen :) and Jason is Jason :D he surprised me last week by cleaning pretty much the whole apartment while I was at work. I pretty much worked and slept between church so the place got a little messy. I told him he messed up because now I know he knows how to clean the place without me telling him. I did spend yesterday my first off day after the week of work, cleaning the poor place really needed it, but now it looks really good. I was never really much of a neat freak until I moved out of my parents place. I guess I wouldnt go as far to say freak, but I really do like having our place nice and neat and I dont mind doing the scrubbing :D

Well that is about it for now. Hopefully I will have a new update at the end of the month saying I get to keep the job :D I try to be really positive though when it comes to work. I started job hunting in December when no one was hiring so to finally have a job (temporary or not) it is still a job and better to work for a month in a half then not work at all.

Have a great one everybody :D

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