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Monday, March 29, 2010

A New Direction

I am still kind of new to this whole Blog World but I am really excited to share my views on things and hopefully to get an idea on other people’s views. I really want the people reading this blog to also get an idea of who I am. So first of all I would like to tell a little bit more about myself and secondly I want to give you an idea of the posts to come.

My name is Brittni and I come from a wonderful family. My mother is one of my best friends. She always knew that she needed to be a mom first and that is what she has always done, she loves me and protects me (even though I might not have always realized at the time that she only punished me as a kid because she loved me.) As a result I grew to love and respect her in a way that I don’t think many kids do. I am truly blessed to have her for a mom. My father is a great man. He is a laid back country guy but he has always been there for me no matter what I needed, a ride, someone to listen or someone to drive across town to look at my car because it was making a sound and it turned out to be a twig stuck up under the car. I only have one brother and although we sometimes fight we still love each other. I am really proud of my brother, he works really hard going to school to get an education while he works two full time jobs and is married. His life is busy but he is there for his family when we really need him.
I have great friends. Most people have a handful of good friends and maybe one or two best friends. I have three Jenny, Michael and Chelsea. These friends are always been there and have helped me in life more then they probably even realize. We always have a blast no mater what we are doing cards, movies or just walking around Barnes and Noble seeing who can find the weirdest book.
Life gets pretty crazy sometimes. I am a college student who took forever deciding a major. Now I have a goal and a long way and a lot of work to get there. I am also a substitute teacher and let me just say for anyone who has never done this before, it is not as easy as you might think. However I do enjoy it most days.
I am the kind of girl, who plays in the rain, sings along with the radio even when I don’t know all the words and thinks playing cards and board games with friends is better then a wild party any day. I am also the girl who wonders how people can view abortion as okay or how people can complain about what is going on in the world when they are doing nothing to change it?
Still don’t know who I am? I thought about copying some of the stuff from my first blog post but I guess if you are interested you can go read it some other time. Though, I think the best way to figure out who I am is to stick around and read the up coming blogs or email me.
Upcoming blogs will be about things I feel are important. I want to share what I know from what I have learned and have experienced. They say you can learn from your mistakes, but I believe you can learn from other people’s mistakes as well. Yes you will make mistakes too but maybe something I did in the past might help you out in the future. Maybe you are a teen who doesn’t understand something. I was a teen not long ago maybe I can help you out. Maybe you’re an adult who does not understand teens. I am a young adult I don’t understand most adults, if you help me out I will help you out. Haha just kidding. The thing is this blog is not just myself trying to help others….I also need help. I want to understand how and why views differ so much whether it is a parent and child, democrat and republican or a boy and a girl.

Here is a small list of some of the things I am going to blog about let me know what you think or suggest some topics of your own.

- music and movies : are they appropriate (as in the immodesty and language in them)?
- cussing : why do people see the need for it and how it offends people
- parents : its a hard job but being a kid is hard too
- young people in love : mistakes I have made and how young people seem to think they are in love but do they really know what love is?
- not enough time in the day : but what am I doing with the time I am given

~PJ Princess
~~~~It takes one stone to start a takes one idea to change the world!

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