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Monday, July 25, 2011

Going to the church and were gonna get married :D


That is the day I will marry my best friend. Its strange, but I heard a preacher the otehr day speaking on marriage. He said one of the reasons, he thinks marriages fail is that in deciding on marriage people don't think past the wedding. They kind of forget that they will be going home to a new home and living with another person. Ever since I realized I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Jason that was all I could think about. When I would wake up in the morning I would smile and think that one day I would wake up with him beside me. When I get my coffee in the morning I think about how he likes his cup half full so that it can cool off so he can gulp it instead of sip it. When I leave for work I think one day I will be kissing him goodbye as I head out the door and when I drive home I think about the day when I will be coming home to him.


  1. You're too cute. I am glad you blogged about this because I want you to come back and be able to read it when you have a bad day or get into a disagreement with Jason ater ya'll are married :) You're too cute. I'm glad you're gonna be in my family!! We're gonna be like almost related! :)

  2. Thanks Ariel I am excited to be joing the family :)